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[slideshow]I write this entry into my blog in my room, which has been made slightly larger and better thanks to the removal of a few bits and bobs.

A bit of back story, when i was a Baby, i was in my current room, a storage room.Being a baby i didn’t need a lot of stuff, so i was put in there, no problems whatsoever.I then, when i was a little older, moved into a larger room when i was 3-4 years of age, as a 3-4 year old, i had a lot more stuff than baby meat that point, most of the stuff being Action Man and other boys toys, at one point a computer but i barely used it, so fora few years i was happy in my room, playing with toys blah blah blah.Then, little Sam was born.He lived in the little box room for a while, but as he got older, he got more stuff.I was going through (and still going through) the process of growing up, so i have got rid of a few things, so i moved back into my original bedroom.

Up until Friday, most of the room space was taken up by a large Wardrobe and a Computer desk thing, that took up a lot of room, which was something i was beginning to dislike.So, i asked my mum if there was any way that i could get rid of stuff, and we did get rid of stuff.

The desk and the Wardrobe are gone.I now have a Chest of Drawers where various things including the TV Live. The computer is on the floor, i now have a DVD holder to free up room on my book shelf.I have got rid of all my LEGO and clothes (this has taken up a longer time than a weekend all this btw).

I have estimated that i now have 50% more room than furniture.I am a lot happier with it now.And soon, i may not be in this room, for all i know i could move into a my own place for university, only time will tell. 🙂

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