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I don’t intend on making this post long. But I have something very important to say, and your help would be very much appreciated. My home is under threat. My council are selling greenbelt land to private developers for the purpose of building houses. They’re selling Greenbelt land.

Not only does this upset me, but It makes me lose faith in my council. Whiston is by no means a rural village. We are very well developed and we have lots of houses. Where I live, there is a lot of houses, and then some greenbelt land. This land will be turned into houses. The road near my house will be a main road. This will cause problems for me and my family. random cars will park on our close, and my brother won’t be able to play out. My Mother and Father will take longer to go to and from work. All this for supposed ‘development’.

Knowsley Council has ruined our schools. They closed our leisure centre, in one of the least healthiest parts of the country, and our library is closed. underprivileged families now have nowhere to take their children. Even the buses have been cut back. All we have is our greenbelt land. Once that is gone, Whiston will die a quick death. As will Cronton and Huyton. We don’t want this.

There is a petition against this. It needs 2000 signatures. It already has 1,800+. That seems like a lot, but we need more. Please sign it. Save our home, save our land. Don’t let them do this to us.

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