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Well I just watched something that i’ve been patiently waiting to watch for the last few days, The Snowman and the snowdog, which is the sequel to the original The Snowman from 1982.

What can I say.I enjoyed it.For a sequel it is really good.Most sequels fall short when compared to their predecessor, but this brilliantly hand drawn animated piece is just as good as the original, which makes it flawless.

We have a boy and a snowman and his snowdog embark on a beautiful adventure.The animation is brilliant, like the original, it’s hand drawn, and I am glad it was.If they made it CGI,I wouldn’t have been as impressed.Kids, give hand drawn a chance, unlike something made by a souless machine, you can feel the warmth and the love the artist has given into drawing their creations.

Something which surprised me was the music, and I wasn’t disappointed by it, in fact I really enjoyed the music.It was original and helped the film achieve it’s own identity.I am happy they didn’t just get another kid to sing ‘We’re walking in the air’ again.It was a new song for a new film.

the story is also the best part, i won’t give any spoilers, but I will say it isn’t a rehash, but the ending is bittersweet.If you haven’t watched it, see it if you want to know what I mean.

So,if i could some up this film in 3 words, it would be ‘Emotional, charming and original’.If you haven’t seen this classic in the makng, then I say record it if it’s on again (which, thankfully, it is).

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