Someone out there- A Poem


Someone Out There, A new poem by me.

As the clock is striking twelve,
I toss and I turn in a personal hell,
Waiting for someone out there.
Whether they are tall or short,
Long hair and blonde in a bob or not.
I am waiting for my shining knight.

Will you rescue me?
Please come and save me.
Whisk this old girl away.
Will you give me a diamond ring?
Serenade me with a song to sing?
Tell tales of love to our offspring?

7am in the morning,
Put on my dressing gown.
Turn the TV on to a grey news anchor’s frown.
Take some bread and make the toast.
Read my newsfeed to see my friends boast.
Kissing up with a handsome stranger.

Someone out there is searching,
Someone out there is yearning,
Coming from heaven to take me from hell.
And I cry.
Shouting out into the sky,
Waiting for the night that I can fly.

When will you come, love?
Take me out and bring me home?
I would like that, love.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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