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Before I tell you what I think about the film, I will say this right now. This review has spoilers, big things will be revealed, so do not read until you have watched the movie, and if you won’t watch it, then no need to read, really

Generally, I loved the film, I believe that it is a much watch film. Its got great visual effects, acting and a brilliant story. The plot puts the crew against a villain all die hard Trekkers will know, KHAAAAAAAN! Khan is back, and Benedict Cumberbatch, of Sherlock fame, does a great job being the villainous superhuman, who proclaims to be ‘better at everything’. The plot is good, and JJ Abrams makes great twists with the new Trek universe, the reversal of roles was a surprise for me, with Kirk’s death, and Spock on the other side of the glass, shouting a line all Star trek fans will cheer once hearing ‘KHAAAAAAAN’. I have two favourite parts, first was the Leonard Nemoy cameo as Spock Prime, providing us with a great scene describing the events of his dealing with Khan, proclaiming that the price was high. My other was setting the 23rd century earth, seeing scenes based on earth is something I have wanted to see, we silk have a royal family, and the union flag, this tells us a lot about what earth was like in the federation. Other good bits are the use of the immortal ‘needs of the many’ line, and a tribble makes an appearance.

There are some problems I have, though, there are 3.
1. The Klingons: I was glad when I heard they were coming back, and were to be turned into more of a more militant rave than savage. There was a redesign, which I didn’t like. Blue eyes, less pronounced ridges and just not like how they should be. The armour was good, and the more millitant style I thought was good. They didn’t have typo redesign the Klingons, their lives are the things that have changed, its a parallel universe, not the aliens.

2. Potential with the villain: khan is a superhuman, he was beaten by a Vulcan, I was a bit disappointed. None of the 72 people were freed, which bugged me, and the giant ship the enterprise had to face, there was only a brief skirmish. Either with the admiral, or khan, I hoped for an epic battle. Khan was also simply frozen, but I will admit, that still gives him potential to return, maybe this problem will be rectified.

3. The plot: it was a mix between Khan’s original episode and the wrath of khan. It wasn’t done well. The fact that Abrams tried to make it a mixture, it disappointed me, especially how its a parallel universe, it should have either been one (which would have been good) or a rehash of the original film, with some twists (which would have disappointed me). Though I feel it was trying to please too many people, die hard fans, new fans, everyone, which makes it the films strongest weakness.

I give this film a 9/10, which is good considering some of the problems. It was an awesome film throughout, with many twists and turns, and an awesome villain. I advise you to see it if you haven’t (if you haven’t seen this, and you are reading, did you not read the start of the blog?), and also, watch wrath of khan, it is available on DVD, and watch TOS for the kan story, it will be on you tube, and it will help you understand the character. Thank you, live long and prosper

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