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It’s my birthday in a few months (April 8th, if you are actually interested) and this year I have decided that I would rather like a tablet computer, but I am thinking which one should I get.

The main reason I decided to get a tablet is not that it is the ‘in’ thing at the moment, but more a personal thing.Because I have a computer in my room, I am often upstairs and don’t really get to  interact much with my family.But I cannot be drawn away from the internet, It’s so cool and it has my blog on it! So, after my parents got Ipads, I decided to get a tablet computer for portability and the fact that in this world of things getting smaller, Tablets are going to rule the world.

I was actually going to get an Ipad 2 last birthday, but I decided against it, due to the fact I’d rather have the money.But this year, I decided that I was going to do it…but which one should I buy?

I was going to get an Ipad Mini for £269 but after talking to one of my dad’s friends, he actually got me thinking ‘there are others, an Ipad isn’t the Be all and end all of all tablet computers’. And in a rare move of common sense, I looked at some of the others. Here’s some of my conclusions on the main ones.

  • Nexus 7: It has more memory than the cheapest Ipad (32GB for the Nexus, 16GB for the cheapest Ipad Mini) for less money (£199, compared to Apples £269), one camera (which I don’t really need)
  • Galaxy Tab: more expensive than Ipad, with the cheapest around £279, but can put more memory in with SD cards, which I do like.
  • Ipad Mini: I have actually used Ipads before, they seem to be pretty reliable,easy to use but quite expensive, the accessories are also too dear, and everyone buys Ipads.
  • Kindle Fire: It is small, and the cheapest,maybe too small and shares similar problems with apple and the App store.
  • Surface: Too expensive.Simple.

From these findings, I have narrowed it down to the Ipad Mini and the Nexus, as I don’t really fancy the others. I’ve spoken to people about it to aid with my decision.Their imput ranged from ‘Apple is cooler’ to ‘If you’re going to use it for the internet, go Nexus.But the Ipad is easier to use’.I still haven’t made a decision, but I promise you people that when my Birthday comes, you will know…

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