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So, I was going to do a review of the first 11 doctors as my next entry, but then this thing happened, so now I am going to a do a Music review.

In Secondary school, I knew these 5 boys who are in a band (well I still know them, but yeah). They are in this band called The Dispute. Their lead singer is a guy called Kieran, who I’ve known so far for 7 years, Liam, the Lead guitarist who is a good friend of mine, Peter the drummer, awesome guy, Jon the rhythm guitarist who is very good and goes out with an old friend of mine, as of 22/6/13, and last and by no means least, their bassist Jono (Who is also known as Fletcher, so to avoid confusion with Jon, I either called him Sharpie, or Fletch)

I’ve heard these chaps perform live in the past, minus Jon as they were lacking the rhythm guitarist when they formed, until they were told their stage was empty then they adopted him. These chaps are releasing their first EP, which we can call ‘Place your Bets’. I don’t know when the release date is, but I am sure it’s soon as they have released the first track to the EP, on You Tube, a favourite of mine from their gigs, FOREVERMORE!

So let’s delve into the depths of The Dispute’s thrilling debut in the world of releasing music.


I love the arrangement of this track, the sound builds up at the start, guitar, bass, drums, lead guitar, then singer. That’s one thing I like in songs, so that’s great. One thing I was initially worried about was that they were not using real drums, and that Peter and Erik (who produced it) would be using Garage band. No problem with that software, but I thought it would sound too fake. My fear was unfounded, the drums were pretty good, but they do lack the oomph you get in real drum kits, but overall I did like that. Kieran, your singing was awesome, did not think that was you at first. I admit I was shocked. It sort of reminded me of a US post punk alt rock band (which makes sense seeing how this is a hard rock/alt band). I liked your singing, it was full of confidence and energy, which lacks in many singers in the charts as of late. I did have one minor problem, at points, your voice sort of faded away behind the music, it was slightly quiet  to the music, but I got used to it by the end. The best singing was at the end of the track, in my opinion, I like those bits. Liam, guitar was as great as usual, same goes for you Jon, I love rhythm guitar, it adds to make the heart in the track bigger, and Fletch, you old bugger, keep up the bloody good work, you sexy blonde beast!

Overall, 4 out of 5 B’s for this. I liked the arrangement, and the craftsmanship put into this, one can hear the love put into the track. For your first release, it was really professional, and I think that you should be proud! to my followers, who I am calling The Attwood Family, one should give this a listen and download when released. Once I find out more info, I will add to this post and bring it out for you guys!

Give it a listen, Subscribe to them, they’re good people:

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