The end is nigh


But two days ago i finished Year 10 of School, and it went really fast.Now, i am preparing for Year 11, one of the most important years of my life.

What have i managed to accomplish in Year 10? Well, i became Sports captain of the house team Stephenson for year 10 (after taking the role from Oliver) i became a senior prefect, worked as vice chair of the school council and was chair of the Toilet Design Team.I have also done one half or my Science GCSE and my Maths GCSE, which i passed.Also i have completed my one half of my Sociology, History and all of my English Language GCSE’s.

Some things i didn’t accomplish, i haven’t yet got a Girlfriend, i am not chair of The council nor am i Head boy or house captain, i also failed to win any competitions (But i did do a competition at Christmas).I also said goodbye to people, some of whom retired from teaching, some of whom expelled, some leaving the area.I wish them all goo luck with their futures and do hope that we will meet again.

In Year 11, my aims are simple:

  • Complete GCSE’s
  • Become House Captain
  • Become involved in the youth council
  • Get a GirlfriendĀ 
  • Be Happy
  • Just be the best i can be.

I am on MY 6 WEEK SUMMER BREAK now.AWW YEAH, boredom has already begun to kick in but i do have work to do over the break.Im also going to Liverpool with my best friend (A FEMALE, because i can have female best friends without being attracted) and i be me and that family are to have loads of fun.

So,in the comment section tell me what your plans for the summer breaks are, what you have achieved over the last school year and what are your aims for the next. I will be online soon enough.I’ve got lots of time now,probably blog more towards the end of August when i am about to die from boredom.Bye now.

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