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Right, I think I will get this out and make it loud and clear.This blog is a replacement for my old you tube videos.

Originally I started a channel called MrBb100000 in 2009.So we had an 11 year old me who wanted to make it big as a you tuber. He got a camera and started filming himself talking, and thought ‘This is going to be awesome.Thin 15 year old me (current me) in June of 2012 quit making You Tube videos, explaining in a video I made last month ‘The videos were crap’.

In June/July 2012 I discovered WordPress, and started my account and created ‘If you ask me…’. It was the blog I always wanted, since I started my first Piczo website in 2005 (Or around that time).I finally have a website with the content I want to make, with no limits!

I mention this stuff to show how my ideas have evolved, merged and demerged. First I had a network of Piczo websites I started when I was 7 (And I deleted them all), then I started using You tube, and started a network of channels hoping to showcase new and different content, and then finally I found WordPress. Where my dreams of running a website and sharing my views and stuff came true.

As for the first sentence in this blog, I willing to admit I am not ruling out a return to You Tube, I would keep the MrBb100000 channel and the original videos, but there would be changes in my content.The main one being that it would supplement the ‘If you ask me…’ blog.People asked me if I would come back, and I always gave them the answer ‘I said I was quitting, I quit, now let’s move on’ but now I am going to change my answer to ‘yes, but not like what it was’.I still have to learn how to edit, use green screen, lighting, a new camera and I’d need to write scripts.Will I return to You Tube, Perhaps, but we will see how the blog evolves.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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