The magic, The Educational aiding and some (early) thank you’s


Well, i have more stuff to talk of so let’s get cracking with this blogging business. This is not a legitimate business i should add.

We shall start on TUESDAY, one world day and Educaid. One world day was crap.Educaid was good. One world day was just so very very bland and did not interest me as much a sixth form opening day did.They could have put a bit more enthusiasm into their presentations.Educaid was good, i did my poem the last polar bear accompanied with a nice bit of self promotion and to top it off some Rick Astley.The other acts were Brilliant, Abbie Caitlin moved me with her singing, Gilly’s magic rocked, Aftershock made me go deaf and The Solution were good for a first ever performance, but their vocalist (who has raw talent) could use some vocal coaching.Im not saying you were bad, but you do need to work on it, perhaps it was nerves but keep working anfd you shall go far.Alice your flute playing was nice and the piano was a surprise.

Wednesday 11th July, i went to Watford. Nothing particular really, just to see the HARRY POTTER STUDIO TOUR! I must say it is worth going, don’t buy much at the gift shop though as it is MEGA EXPENSIVE. £5 for a badge, come on.But the tour was excellent, we went into a sound stage, then we went into a cinema to see a brief film about the attraction and then the screen lifted up to reveal a DOOR, the very door used in the film which surprised us and took us into the great hall.Then we were allowed to go around the exhibits ourselves.There were many good things, a few surprises and a good time had by all. But the gift shop is EXPENSIVE, so is the Cafe.

I might as well do it now, I’d like to thank Dom and Steven for drawing those pictures for me, i will pay you Steven like we agreed and Dominic you will be featured in a You Tube video( my channel is in the link below) i will be blogging soon so keep reading.

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