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I feel that my blog is sort of shifting to a more serious form. I will try to post more lighthearted entries, but now I’d like to talk about how I would run a country.

Many people complain about the way that the United Kingdom is run, I am also one of those people.And my thoughts of politics have shifted into picturing what I would change about this country, and I’d like to talk about some of my proposed changes.One of them would have been gay marriage, but I feel that the current government are likely to achieve this (I hope, it’s the only competent thing they have done in 3 years)

If I was to change this country, I would get keep the royal family, But make them a ceremonial thing, with little or no power.This would allow for the following things to happen:

  • A new head of state: Perhaps a President elected every 4 or 5 years (Like America), who can be reelected as many times as he wants.He will be the head of a new Parliament, with a people’s elected cabinet, and people’s elected Representatives (MP’s).Every time a new President is elected, the last President gives his blessing and hands the incumbent a sword, or something similar, passing power over to him and the country.
  • A new head to the protestant church: Probably internally elected by the church itself.The head of church will have the right to bring changes to the church, which can be voted in by other members of it (Bishops, Archbishops, deacons, vicars, preists etc.).

The cabinet would have to deal with problems left by the old Parliaments of the past, which have been passed down to each successive Government. For example, Prison will become Correctional centres to those who are ‘A criminal threat to society’, those who are beyond help will be locked away for life.All those on benefits who are fit for work will be made to work on public services for a higher minimum wage, in a scheme called ‘Work for the country’.This will include training, and labour and will help those on the dole help their families, there will even be a new chain of Government owned shops, run by small independent retailers where ‘work for your country’ workers can work in, if they can work in this environment.

Assisted suicide and more funding to public services should be made available.Assisted suicide is a human right, and if someone wants to end their life, no bureaucracy should be allowed to stop this.In addition to more funding to public services, there will be nationalizing of some industries to give people the power they deserve over the services that they use. 

As for the fuel we use, we need to turn to Hydrogen.We must look at developing it into a viable fuel source for our homes which can be used again and again, without causing a major fuel crisis which Oil will eventually cause in the next 20 years.

And that’s it for my manifesto for a better country.



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