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Yesterday, I found a truly awful video on Facebook, showing some stupid girls setting alight an endangered animal (I believe it was a tortoise or turtle, they both have shells so I don’t know). This post is not about what they did; but you probably would guess that I thought their actions were awful, but what alarms me and annoys me just as much was some of the comments I read. 

Alas, due to the internet’s changing nature, I was unable to link the video to this post; and therefore I cannot find the comments, but the general consensus was ‘This is awful, sick ignorant children need to be punished for this’. Some comments ranged from this to the extremes of killing the girls. Now I know not to take the internet seriously on all things, as this is the internet, but it got me thinking.

Unrelated, I have friends who are doing their National Citizen Service. Good on them for doing good things for the benefit of the disadvantaged, and I fully support that aspect. I am not part of the NCS, nor am I willing to be part of it. I feel that many of the participants are perhaps doing this for the wrong reasons; including experiences to benefit them in later life. Basically, they’re doing this to further their careers, and are therefore not doing things for the right reasons.

Both these things have got me thinking about social justice and helping out the disadvantaged. Either people are doing it for the wrong reasons, or they do nothing at all, when they see a social crime be committed; letting the homeless rot on the streets or letting animals and children suffer cruelty. This is wrong, and it frustrates me.

In my opinion, you need to do the right thing because it is the right thing. And not do it to further your future or get a certificate. Also, if you see something that is wrong, do something about it. There is no point complaining on the internet about these wrongdoings, go outside and do something about this! I admit, I was one of those people. Perhaps I let too many things slide in the past. But I have seen the error of my ways, and the problem is there are still many people like that.

We need to actively change this. I called this post ‘The Neverending battle’ for a damn good reason. This is a thing we need to fix and take action on. Do the right thing, and actually do it, for the right reasons.

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