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I think it is pretty obvious that I use the Internet a lot. I certainly have an account on most Social Media Sites, be they Facebook, Twitter, here, YouTube. I’ve used Facebook since I was 12, the same age my brother is. But what would it be like if I disconnected from the online world?

I check the website daily, and it is unhealthy. Whose having drama with who? What is Kim Kardashian wearing? Which MCR song are you? Facebook is considered the death of interaction. When I look at my brother. He has never had an account. He has a good social life, and he never uses Facebook. He barely even uses his phone (he mostly uses mine to get WWE updates and watch video clips) and I wonder ‘This is a kid whose grown up with this stuff. He doesn’t bother with it. Should I?’

I am very different from Sam, but the fact still remains. For 12 years, I never had a Facebook. I’ve had an account on there since I was 12. He hasn’t. I am nearly 19. How would quitting the site completely; maybe for just a month, work out?

Facebook is a very easy way to reach people, and since most of my mates are on there, that is going to take a beating. But here’s where I think I will cope. I know those people OUTSIDE Facebook. I have some phone numbers, Twitters, Skype names, Snapchats etc. I will see people, and will be able to interact. And I barely speak to anyone on Facebook. What will take the brunt of it are the various groups and pages I run. Yes, they’re going to suffer, seeing how I run them. But I have admins there who can run those things for me.

Now while those things can easily be non issue. What about me? That is the biggest question. How will I cope? Will I resist the urge to not have a Facebook? Who knows? Maybe the Social Disconnection will make me a more sociable creature? I really cannot say. I think quitting Facebook for a short spell will be a great character study. It’d shock a ton of people if I went through with it. I might very well do it.

So, how would I do it? Well

  1. My Facebook will be deactivated. Not deleted, but deactivated for 28 days (If I have time I might potentially measure how social I am while USING Facebook in a 28 day period)
  2. I would keep a public diary everyday documenting my thoughts, feelings, and cravings while not using a Facebook
  3. I’d stick to using basically similar sites such as Twitter for posting cat videos, and Skype for communicating. As well as Google Hangouts.
  4. I’d do that for 28 days.

A lot of people seem to not have Facebook that I know of. The only purpose it serves is me talking to people and being able to reach them 24/7. That’s quite Orwellian. And while I say this, I am not anti Facebook. If I said I was, I’d be a real hypocrite. But I must say aspects of Facebook really piss me off. Drama, Constant messages, Hype over Facebook famous people. I think the Status quo needs to be shaken up a little. And who knows? Maybe I’ll quit. It’ll stop people messaging me on my birthday. Send a card.



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  • Hi there Ben,

    I enjoyed reading your early posts so much that it seemed a waste to just read them on the run or whilst doing or waiting to do something else. So I started saving them to read & enjoy at a time that would allow me to give them the attention they deserve.

    Time being the creature it is however, means that I haven’t read any of them(!) and now have a ‘Ben’s Blog’ email folder bulging with 20 or more of your posts causing me pangs of guilt, which is one of the reasons for telling you this in the first place. The second reason is that I’m off to Greece in May & they are coming with me as my holiday reading!

    I will no doubt return amused, enlightened and hopefully, guilt free.

    Keep up the good work Ben!

    Best to you,

    Jef (Charlie’s Dad).

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