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So, another day, another poem. Specifically my second poem. I had a bit of trouble following the one I posted yesterday. it was so personal, and so bizzare. So I would follow it up with the dream I did not write about in the previous poem. I am discussing The Bad Lady.

Before I post it, I will discuss The Bad Lady. The Bad Lady first appeared me in a dream when I was 2 years old, and plagued me for 4 years. I don’t know why I had those dreams, I still am not sure of why she appeared. I can only guess. My ucrrent guess is that she represents fear as a child; IE the world is cold, big, dark and unfriendly place and she is the world. In the last poem, I mentioned the portal with my Dad and ‘The Woman’. The woman was the Bad Lady.

I post this poem today in contrast to my last one. Whereas Surreal Wasteland was bizzare and whimzical, The Bad Lady is Bizzare and morbid. Definitely the darkest poem I have ever wrote.

The Bad Lady

Once every night
Straight from my head
The Bad Lady comes
She just wants me dead

Her skin was deep blue
Her hair long and black
Lipstick was red
As red as my blood

I run away screaming
Just a small child
She will find me
Her face twisted and smiling

She’d grab me and say
These words to me
The same all the time
For no one to see

‘I’m the bad lady’
That’s what she’d say
‘I’m going to eat you’
Every dream

She’d gobble me up
Rip off my flesh
In glee and hunger
Leave me for dead

Then I’d wake up
Still in fear
I’d call for my mother
Who was very near

For four long years
Lady would stalk me
Chase me, eat me
Bad dreams for me

Then I was six
No longer scared
I met her again
No more fear

We had a fight
A sword in my hand
Went through her head
Made her dead

No more bad lady
Not in my head
I am free from her fear
I may sleep again.

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