The Sweet dreams collection: Poem 3


More poems. So, we have had a poem about the surreal dreams and the nightmares of my childhood. This one stays around that theme, but we move to the aftermath, and we see the fallout of leaving REM and reentering the real world…

A state of shock!

I gasp.

I desperately try to swallow the air in my room

Too little.


I have awoken from a vision so disturbing

I cry

though I am not upset?


Am I here?

Am I there?

Was I dreaming yet again?


Beads of sweat

Trickle down my head

Cold. Too cold.


I turn my light on, collecting my thoughts.

What have I just seen?

Surreal Images, Bizarre creatures, Horrible tortures constructed by my mind


I exit my bed. The time, 3:37am

I go to the bathroom to pee

And then I have the glass, and pour the water


Now I return.

I tuck myself in

Much sleep to catch up on


Will I dream again?

I’m unsure.

Will I get to sleep again


Don’t know.

Is the nightmare finally over?

It is.



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