The Sweet Dreams collection: Poem 5


Today’s poem comes from a natural fear of most children. The Dark. As a Child, and still now, I cannot sleep in darkness, the light HAS to be on in the landing. Even though my door is mostly shut, I still keep a thin lither of light in my room at all times. Also, it helps me get to the bathroom in peace.

Safety of the Lights

I lie, stationary
In my warm, comfortable paradise
I am one, here and well
With my blankets, and
With the safety of the lights

Time and time again
Light has beckoned me to safety and goodwill
The light is my friend
The light is my guide
The light is my safety

On the dark chilly nights of most November days
The sun, a formidable ball of flame
Barely alive in the sky above me
The night pounces on me
And I am not safe

Yet, the lights
Like fairies they are
They shine
Oh so beautiful
I love thee, oh light of good fortune

O’ be you there, luminous companion
My bestest friend in the whole wide world
My glittering muse
My shimmering guardian
My knight in shining armour

There is no day where you upset me
You are my life, my passion
You are with me, wherever I may go
In darkest night, you keep me safe
And I thank you, thank you, thank you.

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