The Sweet Dreams Collection: Poem 7


So, guess what happened? Chrome on my computer is playing up, so accessing the blog is a bit of a nightmare at the moment. Luckily, in emergency situations, I have the App on my tablet, so I can write posts still. Google can’t beat me. Ha ha ha ha ha. So, here’s my last poem, and the nightmare is over…

The Awakening

Awake, I sit up.
The sun is awake with me
The new day has come

The birds chirp loudly
Feeding their newly hatched young
They feast on Breakfast

My blinds rise again
I see the sun in the sky
It smiles straight at me

Life slowly returns
Sluggish people leave their homes
The long trip to work

I put my clothes on
I then smile, a deep breath
Today is OK

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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