The Sweet dreams collection: Poem 1


I thought that I may try something different on this blog for a week. From Sunday to Saturday, I will put Seven poems up, based on my dreams. The first one is based on a series of dreams I have had over the years, and I linked it into this adventure story come journey of my mind. It’s called Surreal Wasteland

Surreal Wasteland

I’m an explorer

In my own little world

I’ve sailed away

Surrounded by the warmth of my vessel


I’m sailing the sea

The sea of the mind

Was I safe?

Was I alive?


Escaping the murky depths of the white smoke

I see an image in the distant echoes of my head

An image of my surreal wasteland

A giant cookie enters my field of vision


‘A cookie’ I whisper

Unsure of what I saw

Giant and tasty

I take a bite


A man appears

He shouts

Not a word or a language

Just a sound


Loud and deep

The land fades away to a white void

My vessel has gone

And I am alone and cold


I then find the white void is the school playground

I wander through the empty land

Barefoot, my feet hurt

I walked into the school


The food; unusually unhealthy

The uniform was bizarre

Not like the clothing on my body

Everyone was crying


Then I am falling

Hitting the edge of a never ending cliff

Repeatedly. BANG BANG

Then I hit the ground, and I am swept away


A golden portal, sweeps me to and fro

I see my father, a woman, and the talking dog

Suddenly, I am in the living room

The computer shouts. I cry.


Then upstairs.

The house is dark

Besides the bathroom

I then jump into the dark abyss


Light shines on my face.

I see my nan

‘No one exists, Ben’ she says

I am confused


‘But what about Mum’


‘But what about Dad’



I run away to the further reaches of the bright outside world

Suddenly awake in my room

They appear.

I am grabbed by them


And I am taken to the landing of the house



I question

No answer

Back downstairs


I see her again

There are babies all over the house

I do not understand

My surreal wasteland


I am in one more place

A swimming bath

I jump into the water

And I am home again

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