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This is a post I’ve been wanting to write for a while now. It discusses things about me I haven’t shared with many of you guys before. Some of you may know that I am on the Autistic spectrum (those of you who don’t know, you do now, and I hope that it explains some of my actions) and as a result, I  can be very OCD with my habits, very rarely do I stop doing something that is wrong or inefficient. I’d like to talk about something I call ‘the system’.

Essentially, it is my weekday morning routine, and how I prepare things for my day at college. And while some days it can be in a slightly different order to how I explain it, it’s usually the same most days.

I start my day waking up at the time set on my alarm (6:35am on Mondays+Tuesdays, and 8:00am on Wednesdays to Fridays). I then usually get out of bed to either go downstairs or to the bathroom to examine myself (and pee). I then get dressed and go downstairs with my Google Nexus and turn the TV on. Normally, I am the first person awake and out of bed (unless Dad goes to work) so I am often alone when I go downstairs. I then watch Breakfast Television for a little while until about 5 to 7 when I start making breakfast. It depends what I feel like to eat, but it’s usually cereal and a glass of juice. What I do is eat, watch Television and discuss my sleep and upcoming day with my Mum. I then leave her to go upstairs and wash my Face and brush my teeth (I like to brush after I eat to have that minty freshness all the way to school). I then put my Lunch in my (usually) prepared schoolbag. I leave the house at 7:45/11:45/10:15am to get the 8:05/12:05/10:35am train. It depends what time I am in school.

The system I came up with myself mostly to ensure that I have enough time to get ready. In Year 7, it didn’t exist, I woke up at 7am and left at 7:40am, which didn’t give me enough time to get ready in my opinion. I desgined the system so that I:

1. Had enough time to get dressed, eat and wash up.

2. I wasn’t running for the train.

3. So that I had rules to follow.

The last rule in particular, I feel I function better if there is set tasks or rules to go by. If there were no rules, I will usually make them to satisfy myself. This isn’t always practical, but it works for me and makes me happy. The original system had me wake up at 6:30am and leaving the house at 7:40am, but I have changed this b 5 minutes because I usually didn’t get out of bed ’til 6:35, so I thought ‘screw it’ and the move to 7:45am made sure I was at the station for about 5 minutes at the most (if there are no delays). I follow my system, and I am happy with it.

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