The Weeds: A Poem


This poem is a response to the recent treatment of immigrants by society in recent months, due to the rise of right wing parties such as UKIP. Racism in any form is wrong. If you disagree with another cultures customs, then you may, by all means. But if you say derogatory words about those people, or think of them as lesser people, then you can leave me alone, as I want nothing to do with you.

The Weeds

By Ben Attwood


They grow in our land.

Suffocate the life.

Poison society.

They are invaders.

Impure and with no beauty

They destroy our core values

Seek asylum on our soil

Take the nutrients.


Weeds barely live.

They survive.

Like leeches on our green pastures

They don’t live.

They merely exist.

Weeds are lesser.

Weeds are Inferior.

Weeds don’t love.

Weeds only hate.

Weeds only multiply.

Weeds must die.

We must act.

Take the pesticide.

Commit mass genocide.

Erradication is Salvation.


We are the weeds.

We only survive.

We’re no monster.

We only run.

In our world.

Life is hard.

We must escape.

Escape to what?

A better place.

Monsters chase us.

Our children die.

We chose survival

Not to invade

But to live.

We want life.

We want acceptance.

We want freedom

We want rights.

We want humanity.

Weeds are leeches.

We are Humans.

Weeds deserve nothing.

We come from nothing.

Weeds should die.

They attack us.

Destroy our shops

They abuse us.

Shame, ridicule, suffering.

We are inhuman.

Weeds have suffered.

In past and present

From the cotton fields

To the camps

To the streets today

In our modern age

Are we weeds?

Are we man?

Are we monsters?

Who are we?

Who are you?

About the author


Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.



  • I have to share this with you. I am a freelance writer and have a blog ( on wordpress. I have in the last few days added a daily “arlinreport quote of the day’ blog to make point as quotes do. Quotes from my own thoughts, not quotes from others or famous people. This morning I had a thought, but for some reason my gut told me to hold off, not to blog it. Here it is for your eyes; “ISIS are like weeds among us suffocating our lives and must be choked out by the likes of a pesticide and destroyed for us to survive.” or something to that effect. I am so glad I listened to my gut, had I posted that quote I would have felt like I owed you an apology. LOL, you may have thought I stole your idea. Obviously you said more in your poem than I would have in my visual quote. When I read your poem I felt my eyes expand in surprise and a bit stunned. Your thoughts were matching mine, however, I’m not a poet, what and how you said it was masterful.
    I enjoyed the poem…..

    • Thanks. First of all, thank you for reading the poem. I always love it when I have people message me after reading any of my blog posts. In regards to your quote, I wouldn’t have minded if you did use it. I completely get what you’re saying though. That quote was a good one though. I feel it perfectly describes the poisonous nature of fundamentalist groups, like ISIS, as well as the thousands of other Muslim, Christian, Jewish groups etc. Yeah, you did use similar imagery to the words in my poem, but I feel they’re different enough for people to tell the difference. You focused on ISIS, I focused on the treatment of Immigrants in the UK.

By Ben




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