The winds of change.


People come. People go.

Everyone is bound to leave someday

It’s time we all embraced

The winds of change


Leaves change their colour

They fly away

The days get longer

The winds grow stronger

The winds of change


Babies are born, old people die

That is life.

Relationships, friendships form and finish

These are just the winds of change


You grow your hair

You buy new clothes

You change your taste in music

This is change. The winds of change


Birds migrate south

People move houses.

Countries too.

The winds of change keep blowing.



A man retires

Someone gains a job

Change comes

The winds of change.


Change for the better. Change for the worse.

It happens everyday

Some change you like, some change you don’t.

It happens anyway.


It’s time we embraced it

We changed along with it

We adapted to the new normal.

It’s time we all flew away.

With the winds of change.


So yeah. I also write poems to express myself. This one I wrote today. It’s mainly about how things have changed since I joined sixth form (People come, people go). My reaction to life (Babies are born, old people die) and the fact it’s autumn (Leaves change their colour, They fly away, The days get longer). There’s also themes I’ve discussed in previous blog posts, such as my new normal post, which I will provide a link to.

I can’t really say I’m a professional poet, because I am not. I did get a B in English, I was in set 1 for english at High School, I won a Green blue peter badge and the publishing of a poem because of something else I wrote, but I am not William Wordsworth. I just like to express myself, that’s all.

So here’s the blog post I told you about:

And here’s a song you may like:

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