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This year, we have Comic Relief 2013.And this year, I am getting involved with it in a way I have always wanted to try, but never did.I am going to do a SPONSORED SILENCE!

For those who don’t know what I am talking about (because, apparently, this Internet thing is global) Comic Relief is a live Telefon held every other year (always odd numbered, like 2001 and 2003). these Telefons have the aim of raising loads of money, for people in Africa and the UK, for things like famine, poverty, people with illnesses so their carers have rest byte, and loadsof decent things like that. They raise their money through shops, by selling these things called red noses, which look different every year,  Designer T-shirts (I bought a Blackadder one last time), and a single from a current Pop (This year is One Direction, who I am not a fan of, but kudos to them), and other various things.And the public also get involved by doing sponsered things like baths in baked beans, fun runs and sponsered silences.It’s quite a major event in the UK, always held in Mid March (So it’s very weird to explain it, when most of the people I know also know what it is).

I have actively taken part in Comic Relief in the last few years. I bought the Merchandise, did bake sales.But this year is the first time I am doing something like this. I am doing a sponsored Silence from 8am and 8pm on Friday the 15th of March 2013 (I’ll probably look back at this and think, wow I did that!). I started at 8am so I could get to the local train station to get my ticket without breaking my silence (So the last thing I am going to say is ‘Return to ________’).

My plan was to raise £30, but from donations by family members and my friends at school, I have already surpassed it and I thank you for that. I will be collecting the money on the monday after the silence so we can be sure I did it.If I do fail, I will return your money that you have already given me and whatever amount I would have received I will pay with my own money (because I am too nice, and no one dies on my watch).

If you have a similar event to Comic relief in your country, leave it in the comments (Because this Internet isn’t actually just in the UK).If you are from my country, what are you doing/what have you done for comic relief past or present? Thanks for reading.

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