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I wasn’t planning on writing an entry today, but what’s happened today, I feel this something I should write about. It concerns a death which occurred today, and it has made me think about the grand scheme of things.

I got up, and did my normal routine as I do, on a grey May day. I walked to Whiston train station, as I do. Except, things were not as they should be, specifically, there was a lot of people by the ticket station, I assumed the Liverpool side had some sort of delay or cancellation, the ticket man (with whom I am familiar with) saw me in the distance and shouted that a train was coming and told me to run to the other side, where I get my train. I get there and others were there, from another school. The ticket man shouted at us and told us the situation with the train, he said it would go up to Huyton and make a U-turn to go towards Manchester, I asked him politely what was happening, he then informed us ‘someone jumped over a bridge’. A man had committed Suicide.

Worth this, my mind was in shock for a couple of hours, when the train eventually came, on the walk to the school, and when I spoke to various people. Why did he do it?

I got home and I looked at the echo to get information (knowing that the echo is a Liverpool paper, it seemed logical to look at that first). A man, in his 40s, jumped off a bridge in Edge Hill and onto the railway line, to his untimely death.

All I ask is how could he give up on life? I don’t know what was wrong with him, what situation he was in or if he was in trouble with anyone. Had he tried to get help, had he lost everything, who has he left behind? I cannot answer those questions, sadly, as only he has the answers, and only he has suffered.

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