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On the 8th of April this year, Margaret Thatcher died of a stroke in The Ritz Hotel. The reason that I am discussing this particular death is due to the reaction of people to her death and how utterly disrespectful have been.

On the news, people have been celebrating her death  with champagne and signs saying ‘rejoice’ and things like that. On Facebook, many people have been saying ‘I’m glad the rat is dead’, and some even blamed her for the death of the 96 Liverpool fans who died in Hillsborough in 1989. I personally think peoples attitude has been disgusting, and makes me ashamed to be British.

I never agreed with her way of running the country, after all she was a conservative and I am a Labour supporter, but whatever she did worked. Unemployment was declining, and her government was reelected 3 times. She was not only the first of what I hope many female Prime Ministers, but the most competent in the last 30 years. That’s quite an achievement. She wasn’t a pushover either, when the trade unions went on strike, she didn’t give into their demands, she said no. That’s what I admired most about Margaret Thatcher.

Of course, not everyone loved her. Most of the North of England despised her. After all the north is a labour stronghold, and I understand why people disliked her, but is that any reason to say you’re glad she’s dead? As my Granddad said to me ‘she was someone’s grandmother, you wouldn’t want anyone to say bad things about your grandmother’. That’s why I won’t be celebrating her death myself, she was loved by her family, and it v would be wrong of me to say ‘I’m glad your mother is dead’.

Also, to the people who said I’m glad she’s dead, justice for the 96! She had nothing to do with their death, you thick imbecile, it was Yorkshire Police’s fault, they wrote the report which was read by Thatcher, she didn’t kill them. Panic and ignorance killed the 96 football fans. It wasn’t directly her fault. And with that, I will end this entry, thank you for reading.

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