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Since I’ve not not been doing much since my trip to London, which I won’t discuss, I have honestly run short on ideas, so I thought i’d ease in to writing again, with some songs that I think are awesome by various bands. These songs are by bands where I don’t really listen to their stuff, but I do like certain songs.

1. Poison by Alice Cooper

I absolutely love this song. I think it is rather catchy and has a generally good sound to it, with great guitars and super singing from the legend that is Alice Cooper.

2. No surprises by Radiohead

I’ve loved this song since I was a kid, it just has a very calm sound to it. Being older, I understand the lyrics, and it generally fits in with my political views. I have a pretty special relationship with this song, like I did with 19/2000 by the Gorillaz.

3. Kalopsia by Queens of the stone age

My Dad is more the expert in this band than me, and he’s been listening to their most recent album and is going to see them live. While I am listening to more of their stuff, I don’t listen to their stuff as much as other bands. I do like this song though, it has a nice sound to it, and the guitar in it is just brilliant. Also the meaning of the song I really think is quite interesting that you can research yourself.

4. How deep is your love by the Bee Gees

I love ABBA, but I don’t listen to the Bee Gees (which is the same era of music). I love the general sound, and the words have so much emotion to them. Dem feels, and it makes it more heartbreaking when you know two of them are now dead. Dem feels.

5. Mr Blue Sky by ELO

I’m not going to speak about this one much, because you’ve heard it before, you know what it sounds like. I love this song, and the ending in particular, it’s just epic!

6. Sloop John B by the Beach boys

I blame my Uncle for this one, he put the album on in his car, and it was alright. I do like this song though, such a charming little piece, but the lyrics, when you listen to them, is about sailors getting lost at sea, getting drunk, homesick and ‘feeling broken’. Again: DEM FEELS!

7. Parklife by Blur

You all know my obsession with the Gorillaz, but I don’t listen to Blur. This is one of their most famous songs, and it’s a guddun. I love the music video in particular, they look so cheeky and young!

8. I know him so well from the musical Chess

Benny and Bjorn. Why you so awesome? This ballad is one of heartbreak and tears, and it is just brilliant. the two men off ABBA did the songs for Chess, and it could pass as an ABBA song if ABBA sang it. But they didn’t and the real singers do an exceptional job. I love the Peter Kay and Susan Boyle version, though their music video was funny, they sang the song with as much drama as intended.

9. Driven by you by Brian May

It’s just Brian May, he is awesome. Listen to it.

10. Disco 2000 by Pulp

Im listening to more Pulp, but ATM, not much, I think this song is great, based on true events, and it tackles a problem we know as the friendzone. It has a happy ending, good vibes, and top notch singing. Nice one, cocker!

So yeah, listen to those songs for a change, you will not regret it. I have many more blog posts to write so do keep reading!

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