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Two blog posts in the space of a few minutes?! well it would have been posted a few days ago, but I am lazy and here, anyway I am off topic now so lets go! Remember when we were kids, when touchscreen was non existent, there was no You Tube, and we read books? We also had Television. Yep, those big square boxes in the corner of the room we used to watch Cartoons!

Kids these days. They own a TV because they use them to play Xbox, rather than watch things. We’re all internet obsessed, myself included! No one really watches the Television, unless it’s the morning or the Computer/Xbox is broken. It’s gotten so bad that TVs are being released with internet connections, Smart TV’s if you will. I see the benefits, the main problem is we like watching what we want to watch, rather than follow ┬ádaily schedule of Jeremy Kyle, This Morning, loose women etc.

I have a few of my own ideas for my own TV shows. Basically, they’re shows I wanna watch because as Teens, we don’t have special channels or programme blocks (well BBC tried, and failed by appealing to the Radio 1 sheep, who buy what they are told to buy). If it were up to me, we’d have our own channel, mostly consisting of Gaming reviews, Music charts,and maybe some niche programming because us teens are all parts of fandoms. Here are some ideas I have had:

1. Uppington

This is sort of a mix between Scooby Doo, without the dog and 1 dimensional characters, and Sarah Jane Adventures,minus the aliens and Russel T Davis cliches. This follows the adventures of Alice and her twin brother Gus Johnson, who move to the lake district town of Uppington. They live with their uncle Bobert, cousin Donnie and they investigate mysteries with their friend Elise. This how wouldn’t have your stereotypical Scooby Doo monsters, but rather eerie mysteries. And it would all have an overarching story. Not enough shows have 3 dimensional characters anymore, just your sporty guy, your nerd, your hot girl etc. It wouldn’t work like that.

2. Surviving

A proper sketch show following a guy called Alex surviving Secondary school. I’d try to avoid your cliches of ‘loser trying to ask out a hot girl’ but have it follow a more realistic style. Alex would communicate through video camera, in a Vlog like fashion and flashbacks would how his exploits. I like the League of Gentlemen, I feel it would be cool to have your normal, everyday person thrown into this bizarre High school, with his flashbacks being told from his Point of view, with typical exaggeration.

3. Long away

SCI FI show, with a ship floating aimlessly through space. I would love a show which was really really dark. Literally one series, with an open ended finale where loneliness drives the crew insane, ending with the sole sane crew member crying in their room, admitting defeat, while unplugging life support. Then the credits would role with the SOS signal calling out while bodies float past the window.

4. Focus.

A documentary programme of sorts, like those ones on BBC 3. I feel like Teens are deprived of proper programmes, serious, insightful documentaries. I think that this would be great to stimulate the minds of young people. We are left out, news is presented to adults, for adults, by adults. It alienates us, and Newsround is the same but for kids. It would be great to get youths interested in news and current affairs, as I say if you don’t watch the news, you live in perpetual ignorance.

So that’s my TV ideas, I hope you like them and I would love to hear some of yours.Thanks!

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