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In 2014, I decided to delete unfinished blog post drafts that I have written. Rather than waste the time I spent, I published them as was, unedited, and unchecked. They are unfinished thoughts.

Since then, I have left many more posts unfinished in the last six years, and they have annoyed me. Though, I will eventually publish some of them, these ones, however, won’t be. For that one, I still had the original text to finish it. The format of this post will be that I will elaborate on each unfinished thought for added context. Certain posts, such as track-lists and track by tracks, won’t be included. They’re pretty easy to write, and I can leave them for a bit. Anyway, here are four more unfinished thoughts.

Make A Move

First written August 2018

I don’t drive a car, nor do I have a car. Nor do I have the ability to drive. I cannot drive a car, is what I mean to say. I rely a lot on lifts, taxis, and public transport in order to make journeys that I cannot walk to. One of the ways I have been able to make a move to another destination is by bus.

So, the bus I use has been cancelled. That’s a pain. Allow me to elaborate. Where my house is, it is on a particular bus route called the 139. The bus either can take you to the nearest town centre, via the local catholic school and the local hospital, or the nearest city centre; via another hospital and another local school (not a catholic though). So, you can imagine that this bus service is quite important to the local area; being the only bus that serves us on that route that runs throughout the entire day. As you can imagine, it sucks a lot.

Here’s the thing: Business is business. In the UK, buses are ran by private firms. In the letter that was sent out to angry people who messaged customer service, the bus was being cancelled due to a lack of users, a lack of profit, and the lack of larger subsidies from Merseytravel, who operate the route. Admittedly, I can see that. A lot of the people who use it are elderly, or have travel passes, and the kids pay reduced fees to get to school. As I said in an email, I respect that, as a business, operating at a loss is detrimental for workers and for making money. Paying workers and maintaining buses costs a lot of money per annum. But, as an old film franchise said, ‘The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few, or the one’.

The council scrapped the 139 bus route, when I wrote this. It made me angry, and it made others angry. In the end, I decided not to post this, and left it unfinished. The council replaced my bus route with the 239, making that post obsolete, and unfinished.

The Fortnite Firebox

First Written September 2018

I do not play video games. For me, it’s impossible. I cannot use the controllers, I haven’t got the patience, and the games that are out there are too violent! Chief among them, the smash hit ‘Fortnite’; a game title with the wrong spelling. This game has caused a plague on children and is a scorn on humanity…no, it really isn’t.

Fortnite, for the uninitiated, is a battle royale sandbox strategy and survival game, whereby players collect crazy, cartoonish weapons, and try to become the last man/woman/fish standing by shooting opponents and using their head to survive. While readers now may take its popularity for granted; if you happen to be reading this post in the future, Fortnite was huge in 2018, and currently has over a million players. The game hasn’t even been properly released yet, and it has reached those heights!

If like me, you read or watch the news, then you may also know that Fortnite has received some criticism as of late. Is it no different to criticisms that other games in the past have received? No, not really. I remember Grand Theft Auto San Andreas being a controversial game, as well as the original Counterstrike on PCs. Go further back to the 90’s, and Duke Nukem was considered a controversial game. Attitudes towards games change over time, but you do still get the odd game that flares up because it is popular, and because you hear the odd case of  a child doing something because of said game.

I am not a gamer, and I have no interest in Fortnite. This post was an attempt to be topical on the blog, and I didn’t like what I was writing. In the end, I lost passion for this topic, and ended up scrapping it.

Is Donald Trump a good or bad President?

First Written January 2017

Donald Trump has Been President of the United States for around a year now, give or take. And I must say, he is certainly divisive. Even I am having trouble Trump thinking of reasons for liking or disliking him.

In this post, I want to analyse his main policies and whether he is actually achieved what he has set out to do. I will also explain my reasoning for why I think this way, in order to come to my own personal conclusion on the man. By all means, share your opinions in the comments. I am not here to attack Donald Trump, but to offer logical critiques of his term in office so far.

In looking at Donald Trump’s Presidency, and the reasons as to why he was elected in the first place, a policy of note is the corporate tax reforms he has introduced. In 2017, Trump was promoting a large cut in Corporate tax, as a means of helping the American Middle Class. He stated, at the time,  the following:

“Our plan…lowers the tax on American business from 35% all the way down to 21%. That’s probably the biggest factor in this plan…our companies won’t be leaving our country any longer because our tax burden is so high. ”

Donald Trump, on CNBC

This, one of Donald Trump’s early legislative victories was the Tax Cut and Jobs Act, as it is officially known. I am not a tax expert, but this link covers it better than I could. The only downside is that calculated over its full tenure, working class people actually pay MORE than they would have if Trump had done nothing. It’s long term success is negligible

I don’t know if I need to point it out, but Trumps pledge to get money out of politics fell apart when he put dozens of corrupt bankers onto his cabinet. Draining the Swamp has not worked out, at all. If anything, the Swamp is more polluted than ever. Also when he promised to get corruption out of politics, that may be slightly questionable even if we ignore all the allegations regarding his own actions. For example, the exoneration of Joe Arpaio, a former Sheriff, whose history in his prison is one of the most controversial, and subjectively disgusting things anyone has ever heard.

Combine this with the hostility he’s created and the intentional divide and rule position he’s taken combined with using lies and sustained attacks on the media (they are guilty too) he’s created a position where America is at risk of surrendering the cornerstones at which it stands. Can Donald Trump be a good President with these sorts of actions occurring? In my opinion, he cannot. The American people who chose to elect him have their reasons, and I respect that, but I feel that he has let down many an American with his actions. While I would not go as far as to call for his impeachment, I would argue that America, when it looks to midterm elections, strongly considers the work that he has done so far, and what he has done for you.

This is a long, political post. I think that explains why I scrapped it. These ones tend not to get too many readers, and become very divisive. Not just from supporters and detractors, but also people who ‘don’t like my takes’. Its sometimes not worth the bother to be controversial.

And the Oscar goes to…

First written February 2019

Here in Liverpool, we like to think we have a good sense of humour, we don’t take ourselves too seriously. Make a joke about Batman and Robin, we’ll more than likely join in. In Liverpool, however, there’s a few things you never joke about: Hillsborough, The Sun Newspaper, and Jamie Bulger. 

Killed at the age of three, Jamie Bulger’s death is one of the most tragic and appalling murders in the UK’s history. I am not going to discuss the context any further, because even if I wasn’t from here, it was a disgusting murder, and the boys who were responsible will not be named in this post.

What does this have to do with winning an Oscar in 2019? Well, here’s the thing: a film about the murder inquiry, called Detainment, has been shortlisted for the Oscar for best Short Picture. This is, unsurprisingly, controversial. To say the least. Director Vincent Lambe made this film, and he has been slated, not least from Bulger’s mother:

Denise Fergus’ tweet

Firstly, I want to say that I really feel for Denise Fergus. All the pain she’s been through, and it’s more than enough. Secondly, I also believe in the idea of free speech, including the making of movies about most topics. Most topics that is. This is as good a topic as any to talk about, how I believe that films should be…

This last post was unfinished because I didn’t have anything to add to the story, such as an alternative opinion, or a devil’s advocate. I don’t like repeating what other people are saying.

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