Valentines Day: Why do we celebrate it?


February 14th is the 45th day of the year, which only means another 320 to go.Yes, it’s been six weeks and 3 days since we started 2013.It also happens to be the day the Soviet-Polish war began, the famous 20th Party Congress of the Soviet union, where Nikita Khrushchev condemned Stalin and then Hungry saw his Destalinisation as the green light to democracy. And it’s Valentine’s day, the day of love, or is it? Let’s look at it together, also Al Capone’s gang killed some people on this day.

As you can see, I’m not a big fan of valentine’s day, and why should I? I haven’t got a partner to concern myself with (And if I did bother, no one would get me anything, and yes that’s happened before) and I spent money on Mushrooms after my Dad bought me and Samuel some sweets. I don’t consider this day important in my Calender.

So why am I talking about it? Well, the main reason I talk about this is because I don’t think many people think about what Valentine’s day actually means, most people have the mentality of ‘Get a card, a gift in the hopes of hooking up, awww yeah’ it’s very much like Christmas in that sense: A religious holiday about an important person which has been grossly commercialized by businesses throughout the years.Not to say there’s anything wrong with it, the idea is a good way of contributing to Capitalism (We’re winning China, but I do think that the Government care too much about their rich doners and voters).

Anyway, here on ‘If you ask me…’ I try to expand your mind by telling you the origins of things, making a statement and getting you to think, so let me tell you the story of Valentine’s day.

‘Emporer Claudius wanted a larger legion, so he decided to stop all marriages, so no man would have a woman or child to stop him joining the army (In the days where Pre-Marital sex was a big no no).

Then, Valentine, who was a priest, believed that people needed to get married. He thought that if they were not married, they would be tempted to sin by living together without being married (And as we established, a big no no). So he secretly and illegally married couples anyway, a bit like ‘Screw you, I’m a priest, I ain’t listening to no Emperor, ‘m gonna marry people together for mah bro God’  He therefore performed the weddings secretly, so the Roman soldiers would not find out.

But they did, whoops! He was arrested and then he met up with Claudius who basically said ‘Dude, you are quite smart, so I’m going to be nice, I will let you go, if you stop being a Christian and promise to be a Roman bro, what do you say?’ and Valentine said ‘Hey man, look.I am a Priest, I worship God, and I follow the Bible, good book read it some time, and I don’t want to give up my religion just so some guy can put a stop to marriage, so go on, kill me!’ and that, my friends, is how to get killed by a Roman emperor, become a saint, and have religious day named after you.’

So, what do you think? Thanks for reading.

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