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There were a few blogs i could have written, one about films, one about equality and one about the science of luck. But i have watched a video and now i am doing this.

Oh America, you are a mixture of many cultures and countries, and because of that you’ve messed up a few parts of different culture (It’s zed not zee, it’s a dummy not a pacifier, and you speak American, not english). I ain’t talking about those things though, i am talking about Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, Sinterklaas, Santa Claus, St Nick.

You maybe think ‘Ben they’re the same person, they live in the North pole with reindeer and elves and a fat old lady, and he wears red and has a hat and glasses and has a reindeer’s that fly, and he eats milk and cookies, drinks alcohol, eats mince pies and leave gifts to all the children, ALL THE CHILLLLDRENNN!’ Father Christmas isn’t that, in fact he isn’t one person but a bunch of other people stapled together into one big round jolly man.

Father Christmas is Essentially 3 people

Sinterklaas (AKA St Nicholas and Santa Claus) is a dutch mythical creature created to cheer up the children during the winter Solstice. He isn’t fat, he wears religious robes and gives presents to the kids to keep up morale.He rides a white horse and kids leave carrots out for him.

Father Christmas: He is English and he doesn’t give gifts to the children, FEEL SORRY FOR ZE CHILLLLDRENNN. But he was jolly, he knew how to have a good time, and he liked food, drink, wealth and parties.He wears green,he’s a pagan and has holly leaves on his head, and yes he was the ghost of christmas present in Dickens’ A Christmas Carol.

Christkind /Kris Kringle: A German invention.Gotta love Germany, not the bad one who was Austrian with German citizenship.Christkind is very different to the other two, as is a child, blonde hair, a sprite like being. He is nothing like the other two, but he is small (small enough to get down chimneys) and gave gifts to the children, and he was created by Martin Luther, the protestant man who made the religion up, because he didn’t like Sinterklaas. Poor Sinterklaas.

Anywho, when we were all immigrating to America, starting off colonies with shoes and killing the natives, all these things managed to merge together, with a few new bits added such as immortality, Mrs Claus, elves (perhaps a nod to the Scandinavian origins), reindeer, sleighs, houses and slave factories in the Arctic circle, you have this new thing with all those names.It took time for him and his more magical aspects to appear, he was an elf, in 1823 when The night before Christmas was published though that was when stockings and roofs were mentioned, he was called St Nick too (the original poem was called ‘A visit from St Nick) .He became human and immortal in the 1800’s, and all the other magical ha ha came along with it. And he truly became Santa Claus in 1902 when Coca Cola (who didn’t make his costume red, just that they were red and so was he) created that one we all know and love.

I would like to celebrate the true British Christmas.I think, personally, in the last few years, Santa (what i call the mixed up St Father Christklaas) has become a bit of a sell out for big companies.It has been stressed time and time again by all the cheesy Christmas movies, Christmas is not presents, it’s goodwill to all men, it’s joining together with family, it’s a religious holiday that was actually a merger between the real birthday of Jesus in the summer and a pagan festival for the winter solstice, it’s not just presents.

I am one for mixing cultures and being friends with our neighbours abroad, but by having the same man as the poster boy of Christmas we have lost our individuality.Celebrate your culture’s traditions, have a change from your bog standard Christmas  I will try to, English Father Christmas knows what its about, it’s a six months late birthday party for a religious baby who was killed by Romans at the age of 33.The dutch are doing it, Sinterklaas is still being a  cool rebel refusing to go away.Celebrate your culture like i will in a few months, Christmas is a big party with a big green holly wearing man wearing green robes who appeared in a book.

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