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A new era has begun for my blog. In so much as we now, finally, have a new website. Welcome to If you ask Ben, which is my new blog.

So, what’s going to happen? I have bought a domain name, and have been working with my friend, Neil Doherty of Manchester Designs, on a new website. This website is called If you ask Ben. I couldn’t go for if you ask me, because the domain has been taken by someone else for their own website. I did consider a few different names, such as Whom The Ben Tolls, If you asked me, amongst others. Besides the name change, the content of the new blog will be the same as on here. Except, I have a domain name.

The reason I have wanted my own website is twofold. WordPress.com is a fine website for anyone to make a free blog, and it does give options for people to buy domain names and buy custom designs for blogs. My issue with this platform is that I do not have much control on this website. Having a custom website allows me so much more control over advertisements, SEO, and a bunch of other insider jargon that will allow me to make the things I want to make. And I think people will take me seriously too.

The other change to the blog is that we have completely changed the content. While Track by Track and Raise The Steaks will continue, they are now part of their own parent categories, Tracklist and Yum respectively. This will allow me to write more content for this new blog. Editorials, Reconstructed posts, Reviews, and My Life posts will continue. And I am looking forward to introducing Talkback, but more on that another time.

All I will say for now is that the future is bright, purple, and opinionated. Welcome to the new website.

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Since 2012, Benjamin Attwood has written for the If you Ask Ben blog.

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