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As some of you are aware, i am writing a book about Doctor Stratovarious, a fictional character i have created.This book is far from completion but i will share some future ideas.

  • Sequels: If the book is a success or a failure, i will write two sequels. And in those sequels i will try to explore more of Rose’s thoughts and feelings. I have some ideas on future books, but let’s get through one at a time.
  • Prequels/spin offs: I have not just created a fictional characters, i have made a universe. I would like to explore how the world of Stratovarious came to be and explore his past. Maybe in the form of short stories.
  • Other books:I want to do a children’s book called The three keys of ruling the world a nice adventure book with 3 kids discovering 3 keys which a greedy archaeologist plans on taking to change the world into his own image.It would be more lighthearted than Stratovarious.
  • TV: I have a few TV show ideas. One about a group of time travelling kids who find crystals in different historical settings (a bit like the book idea above maybe?!). A show about a child trying to survive school, crushes, and his overbearing mother, with sketches involving staff and pupils.And a standard sketch show called Madness (some of the sketches i imagined are quite dark, an old man shooting a singing bird, a baby biting a finger off its dad, and a reoccuring delusion of a librarian)

That’s it. Bye.

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