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So today is the beginning of the new series of the popular TV Talent show, X Factor.Those of you not familiar, it’s basically a show where people compete against each other by singing popular songs in order to win a recording deal with Syco records, and become a singer.

It may come as no surprise, but I have a general disliking of X Factor. This disliking of this show is based on a number of reasons and opinions which I will share with you. And, before I start my rant, it’s not because I dislike Simon Cowell, I dislike Simon Cowell because of his arrogance.

I hate this show. The reasons can be put to 3 things:

1. The contestants

None of these people who apply seem to have any talent to me. They come across as desperate and naive. The majority of contestants (that get to the finals) are about 20 something years old, are fairly good looking and have their own personal inspirations for singing (their dead mother, father, goldfish). They all come across as thick to me, it seems they have no idea on how the music industry works, they all think ‘I have an above average voice, I will apply to be on this TV show, make people see my in a sympathetic light, win their heart, win and live the life of riley. Thanks Mum’. To be a real musician, you need to learn how to play an instrument, work on your voice, practise, perform to people, learn, get better, do gigs, get a following, get noticed, do Demos, get EPs released, learn from experiences, get better, meet people, get contracts, make albums, perform and then live the good life. This process takes years, and some people, good people, never ‘get noticed’. Also, the ‘artist’s’ voice is average at best, they have no talent and just seem like impressionable young people who are moulded into the people the companies want them to be. And their music, this gets me to my next point…

2. The ‘musician’s’ music

It’s all the same old same old with these musicians. like I said, it seems they know nothing about how it works, and will sing anything they’re told to. Why is it all the same old rubbish, why does an artist like Joe McElderry release music like Matt Cardle? Because it’s written by the same people, they write it, they say sing it, they release it, and everyone makes money. It’s good for the moulded popstar as they’re making the money, when the Alex Day’s, The Dispute’s, The Aftershock’s and many many MANY others barely get that recognition, who write their stuff, work, do their gigs, have a loyal fanbase. That links to my previous point, no, not everyone can get recognised, but there are still people you can sign, who can bring their own stuff to the table, make more variety and make music better, but no, last point please…

 3. The actual goal

The goal of the X factor is not to encourage and bring out new talent. It’s just money. They find people who have a voice, hand-pick them from 100’s of others, make them look hip and modern, make them sing stuff that they know impressionable young people like, and make profits from their pretty faces (im looking at you One Direction). The reason it’s the same, is because the companies play it safe, and don’t want to risk losing money from a new and ‘different’ singer or band. I really hate that fact, but it’s true.

So I hate X Factor, for those 3 reasons, but damn, it is good at what it does. Will it go away? Eventually, but they’ll come back with a show under a new name with newer judges. And that’s all I have to say.

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