I have recently returned from York with my family. And in a similar style to how I discussed my trip to London last November, I will do something in a similar style on here. So I shall split the days of my stay and discuss what I did in some detail.


On the Monday, we didn’t leave until around 11am. We decided that there was no rush in getting there, so we weren’t all trying to shove food down our mouths and put our clothes on. I packed the essentials I needed; clothes, toiletries, and some books as well as my tablet and iPod; and their corresponding chargers. We got in the car, and we arrived under 2 hours later. The traffic was not bad at all; I don’t recall any traffic jams, only minor congestion. We were probably too early; as we were not supposed to arrive at the flat until 3pm. So we parked in a Sainsbury’s car park. While there, we bought some groceries we may have needed for breakfasts and lunches. As we waited, we also purchased some ice cream.

It was then 3pm, and we then entered our flat. It was only a 1 minute walk away from the Sainsbury’s. The building itself was  the old general hospital of York; converted into flats (obviously). The building and the flat itself was very well kept and very nice. THE PROBLEM was the Bed. I could get used to the layout of the kitchenette upstairs and the living room downstairs. I could even withstand sharing a room with my brother (different beds), the problem was the pillow. the goddamn pillow. Long story short, it was too low. I had to put cushions underneath, and that didn’t help much. We went on a walk to gain an understanding of our surroundings. I will get into my views of York as a whole near the end, but it was a nice place.

We returned to the flat, then we got ready to go out again, for our dinner. We then ventured into the city centre, looking for a restaurant we would all enjoy. We settled on a restaurant called ‘The Slug and Lettuce’. I had a Steak with Chips. The steak was very nice indeed. Definitely a Steak standard that should be followed. After this, we went to the flat, and we went to bed.


I did not sleep well, and Sam had a nightmare. WOOOOO. After we were ready, we decided to walk to the National Railway Museum. Truly the most magical place on Earth, and some people say I am sad and that is why I don’t have a girlfriend. We scaled the York Walls, which were awesome. As a big fan of ‘Attack on Titan’, it is like you;re standing on one of the walls surrounding the cities in that universe. So that was pretty cool. It was a fairly long walk to the museum; as it was fairly near to the station and as a result it wasn’t in the city centre. However, the walk was worth it. We saw many different trains from many different countries. We did see a few royal carriages, some old trains and carriage which real people sat in! We also saw replica Rocket trains (we have seen the real one though, so yeah). We also sat in a real Japanese bullet train. That was awesome. The Japanese know how to build comfortable trains, as there was actual leg room without sacrificing seats. I could go into a big thing about trains, but I will not. I bought myself a shirt as a souvenir (It says ‘BEWARE OF THE TRAINS’). We then got a ride on this train car thing to the York minster, and we got some shopping done. I bought two CD’s, some spiffing glasses (they’re yellow and look cool) and some Mint Imperials. My CDs for those who are interested were Pulp’s His ‘n Hers, and Piece of Mind by Iron Maiden.

We then went back to the flat to rest our shattered legs, before we were out once more to go for a drink at the pub. I had some Coke becaude I am awesome. We did not have a meal at this pub, we went to a place called Bella Italia. A nice little Italian restaurant in the town centre. And I ordered the finest food there; a chicken burger with chips! It was great and I did have some Gelati Ice cream afterwards. That was very nice. We then went to TESCO and returned to the flat. I hoped to have a better sleep that night, however the little brother woke me up after a nightmare and shaking. He then proceeded to cry. My mother heard him and came to his aid. I struggled to go back to sleep, leaving me in a bad mood.


The heavens opened up on the third day; and we got drenched. Though I suspect that the damage would have been worse if I didn’t have my coat. We were planning to visit the Viking Centre, but that plan was vetoed for being expensive. We went for the cheaper option, and we went to the York Castle Museum. The museum was OK, it was just your average museum really. There was not much special about it really, besides the giant mock Victorian street with authentic dreary lighting and stale smells. I also enlisted into the army. Not really, it was a thing they did there for the centenary of war. As if I’d enlist in reality. All in all, I thought the museum wasn’t worth the money. It would be better as a free attraction.

As we walked back to the flat, we did go around the shops once more. I found a quaint little comic book shop on our way back, and I purchased ‘Attack on Titan’ volumes 9 and 10; further showing my support to an excellent series. After this, and a quick break at the flat, we made it to the Roman column; where we met the guide of our GHOST WALK. The walk itself was made lass scary as it was bright out but in reality you can’t help that in the middle of August. The walk itself was OK, a few interesting stories and I got to get a better idea of what York was like, as I had thought I saw it all. I didn’t. I then visited the Chip shop for my dinner, and we then went to the pub for more drinks. We then came back to the flat, and I began to pack up my toys ready to come home.


I slept better the last night, though my brother woke me up, asking me to take him to the toilets when the light was on, and he is afraid of the dark. Annoying? Yes. Can I complain? Not really. Will I? Yes.I woke up early, setting an alarm to get me out of bed at a time where I could eat, get ready and leave. I put my stuff in the car and we decided to take one last walk through York City Centre. As it was only 10am, and we’d have got back for around 12 if we left then. But we stayed for another hour to walk around the city centre. I got a really nice Malteaser milkshake at the Milk shack there. I’d recommend it. We then returned to the car, drove home, I uploaded my pictures and wrote this.

So, York is a lovely place. It is very much the biggest village in the whole country. So much local business, local history and a lot of local stuff combined with an international tourist hub. Its a really nice place, go sometime.

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