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Hello internet. I was thinking the other day that I may do a 7 things you don’t know about me blog.I’ve seen You Tubers do that, so I think I can translate that over to this Web log. I would have written this yesterday, but didn’t.

1.) This isn’t my first Website: I actually have toyed with the idea of websites before. I used to have loads of Piczo websites when I was 7 or 8 (Everyone had one). I thought I had the link to one of them, but I cannot find it. Ahh well.

2.) When I was MUCH younger, I thought because everyone wanted to have silly jobs, I thought ‘I will have a realistic job’s. Some people said pop stars, mechanics, actors. I wanted to be an Astronaut. Nowadays, I want to a teacher, but kudos to young me for thinking of a ‘realistic job’.

3.) I dislike Football. I have never really had an interest in Football, my parents don’t watch it, my brother doesn’t seem to be interested much (he pays it, but I don’t see posters of Rooney, but I see a poster of 3MB on his wall). I suppose in that way, It was my first step away from the crowd that people expected me to follow. I don’t like that path.

4.) I have no interest in Cigarettes, Drugs or Alcohol. I know my Uncle or my Mum are going to say ‘You’re only 15/16’ I have made a conscious decision to live a healthy, straight edge lifestyle. At parties, I have been offered alcohol, but I politely decline it, because I see it’s effect on people, and I don’t like it. And with drugs or cigarettes, I don’t like the addictiveness of it, so I will steer clear of them.

5.) Though I make out like I don’t care, I probably do. I may not seem bothered about your troubles at times, I may even say ‘I don’t really care’, I do care. I just don’t really want to get too involved in your problems, If I feel you can sort it yourself, I will leave you to do it. Ask me for advice if you want, and if I am concerned I will offer advice to you.

6.) I regret nothing. I have no regrets about actions that I take in life. Though I do sometimes think ‘perhaps I could have done this this way…’ I generally think ‘I think the outcome was satisfactory.

7.) I don’t want to learn how magnets work. I don’t want the magic to die in my world, so I shall therefore not know how magnets work. I’ve had my amazement crushed by science, so I feel that I will keep the memory alive by not knowing how they work.

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